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Thomas Parks Contracting.




We offer variety of services including roof repairs and coatings, painting, water-proofing, repairs, and more.

Proudly serving all of San Fernado Valley for over 40-Years.


Residential and Commercial jobs.

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This is the service we are famous for. Our expert leak detection insures that we will be able to stop the leak (85% on the first try). We work with you to give you what you need  weather you'd like the whole roof repaired, sections repaired, or a sealant applied to the ventilation pipes.

Our repair jobs are long lasting. whats the point in doing a repair that's only gonna last three to six months? That's like putting a bandage over open heart surgery. If you need a repair chances are your roof is getting in bad shape. You can coat a roof once repairs are completed and extend the life of it 5-15 years depending on the coating. The best part is, its a fraction of the cost of re-roofing. In most cases coating a roof is ten percent the cost of replacing it. You can repair a roof or repair and coat it for double the life. Call for more information. We also put new roofs on new construction, and re-roof older roofs if needed.




We offer exceptional paint jobs that will have you stunned. We strongly believe in excellent prep work and fine detail. What use is expensive paint if you don't sand and prime? or vise-versa. We take our time to give you the job you want and need. Whether its ensuring a proper pressure wash to start or making sure everything is sanded correctly, even down to the detail in the line work we've got you covered. We do this for not only a aesthetically pleasing job but also a long lasting one (don't make painting a habit).



We offer a different number of home improvements as well as roofing and painting. We do water-proofing, attic installation, wood repair, stucco repair, drywall repair, gutter repair, gutter cleaning, gutter instillation, block wall repairs, fence repairs, fence installation, asphalt driveway seal-coating,  concrete driveways, pressure washing, turbine vents (whirly birds) replaced, ETC. Call and see if we can help you. 



Thomas Parks has owned and operated this Los Angeles contractor business for over forty-four years. He’s been licensed and bonded by the state his entire career. His California contracting company has earned a AAA rating with it’s customers.

Don’t see a service listed you need? Give me a call, most likely we can handle the project. If not we’ve been in the industry for years we can help you find someone who can.

We’ve served all of Los Angeles as west as Thousand Oaks to as East as Riverside. We always provide professional, long lasting, and good looking jobs. From Re-roofs, roof repairs, roof coatings, painting, or other home improvements. No job is too big or too small.

We have four generations of contracting experience. Dating all the way back to when my grandfather started the company. We pride ourselves in our expert leak detection and resolution, providing multiple options so the home owner doesn’t always have to replace the roof,  exquisite paint jobs, or our high quality home improvements. What ever the case may be we always do right by the customer.

This is not just a job for us, it’s a passion. We do what we love, and we love what we do. We could not have made it this far and not enjoy our job. We also are aware your satisfaction really impacts us signing up our next customer. Wether it be you referring us to a friend, leaving us a good review online, or word of mouth, your satisfaction could lead us or help the next customer choose us over another contractor. This is why we will not leave a project until the customer is %100 satisfied and happy.

Call us today, we give free estimates so it won’t cost nothing to get our opinions and quote. You can put your trust in us just like thousands of happy customers before. But talk is cheap just the way we conduct a estimate will show you a difference in us and the other guys. Call, text, email, or fill out the contact form to  schedule a estimate. You can also do the same if you just have a unanswered question. You now have a friend in the business.






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Painting and re-roof.
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Elastomeric coating finished.
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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: (818) 447-9987 or fill out the following form

Head Office

Thomas Parks Contracting.

501 W Glenoaks Blvd 

Glendale, CA. 91202.

Suite 527.

(818) 447-9987.

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Angie's list User.

Roof, gutters and downspouts cleaned.

Mr. Parks and his workers were thorough, polite and efficient. My gutters were full and badly clogged because of several years of neglect. They removed all debris from my roof and dug out the gutters by hand until they got water freely flowing through the downspouts. It was a positive experience from beginning to end


Home Adviser User

Great company very professional and on time 'work done looks fantastic will use these guys for all future home improvements thanks from a very satisfied customer!!


Yelp User.

Just got our house painted, after purchasing a deal on Angie's List.  Thomas runs a family operation, and I have to say they did a great job.  Not only did they explain everything in great detail in advance, they stuck to their word and came within budget.  They had a lot of work to do aside from painting, including rebuilding window sills, patching cracked plaster, and fixing lots of wood trim.  Made the house look great.

What I like most was the good communication, and the little touches.  For example, we have a long, straight driveway.  Due to misunderstanding on my family's part, my baby (my newer, black convertible) was left in the driveway right next to the house and garage. (On the day the paint was being sprayed, no less.) I was stuck at work, stressing out, and kind of kicking myself for not moving the car.  Instead of being mad at us for making their job harder (since they had to dance around the car all day) ,when I got home, I saw thay Thomas and his crew had covered the entire car with heavy duty plastic, and had even taped it down to ensure that not even a hint of paint had gotten onto my car.

Another example.  I was doing some gardening over the weekend and found a large weather-beaten piece of wood on the back yard.  At first, I couldn't figure out what it was.  Then it hit me-it was part of an exterior door covering the water heater enclosure on the side of the house that nobody sees. They had, without asking, reconstructed and painted this door which to me showed attention to detail and a good work ethic.

I highly recommend Thomas Parks Construction for your exterior painting needs.

Useful 5FunnyCool


Networx User

I hired Mr. Parks to inspect my roof after concerns of possible invisible leaks and a few visible signs of that caused concern, mainly around the garage. Mr. Parks inspected the roof, validated my concerns. Mr. Park's replaced the ridge caps on the house and garage, located the issue caused by a former contractor who glued tiles down and filled gaps with foam, causing water from the leaky ridge caps to back up and run down the interior wall of the garage wall. After repairing the roof, we had Mr. Park's seal the roof to help extend it's life and I must say, I just sprayed water on the roof the other day to check run off for my patio roof and the sealant applied by Thomas Parks Contracting works great. Water did not soak into the tiles but instead it ran right off of the roof and we no longer have bits of the tiles running off with the water. Also, while on the roof of the house, Mr. Park's took photos of my fireplace and showed me the cracks and where flashing was missing. I had not been on the house roof (afraid of heights), but I was aware of some cracks in the fireplace at ground level. Mr. Park's returned about a week later to fix the fireplace and then I also had him spray the fireplace with sealant as well. The price he charged for both jobs was very reasonable, (less than I anticipated), he showed up on time, and when he arrived to repair the fireplace, no one was home. He arrived, did the repairs, sealed the fireplace and was cleaning up when I got home. I truly appreciate the fact that Mr. Parks had no problem making the repairs he made rather than attempting to sell me a new roof that I could not afford and that I do not need. Two other contractors told me I needed a new roof before they even got on a ladder, I already went to the city and pulled previous permits so I would know how old the roof truly was and what type of roofing material was used. I knew It still had some good life to it and Mr. Parks validated that knowledge. Lastly, some dirt particles of the roof shingles ended up on my neighbors driveway and in their back yard, Thomas made a point to go over to the neighbors yard and sweep up the mess.


Word of Mouth

We highly recommend Thomas Parks Contracting for the quality of their work and dependability.  A thorough job was done on our home roof as well as garage and the cleaning of the rain gutters was excellent.  The thing I liked the most about this company was the clear explanation of what Thomas was going to do for the money requested and the sense of real honesty I got from Thomas.  It is a family affair outfit, which is another reason why I tend to gravitate toward a company like this and not an institution.  We will be using Thomas Parks from now on.

Xandro Mark

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